Flirting is an art to open up your desirous, erotic parts to connect with one another. f you think he/she is made for you. If two people have an interest in each other, performs simple acts like joking, looking to each other’s eyes and laughing can feel like magic. Flirting has the potential to lead to a date, a hookup or even beautiful long-term relationships. Every people have their own style of flirting their crush. Their flirting-style result to the end of the conversation or being successful to be in a relationship.

However, individuals make a common mistake while flirting with their crushes. Done wrong, flirting can be a nightmare. It can be awkward, unfunny, painful, and, in some cases, end up with friendship. It can also lead to being ignored, blown off, unfriended, blocked, or even with a drink right in your face. Here are the 10 most common mistakes while flirting:

  1. Arguments
    In most cases, boys think logically while girls think emotionally. So, while flirting with girls, it’s better not to use logic. Too many arguments with logic might lead to end the conversation with a fight which leads to the end of the dreamed-relationship. It’s better not to argue with the girls. Boys should not think a lot about the topic while flirting with their crush. The best action is to make a girl think that he never get tired of arguing with her in any situation.
  2. No personal stories
    If you are flirting with girls it’s better not to talk about personal stories because it’s boring. If a girl finds you boring she might not a response to your stories. and finally leads to the end of the conversation. But if you have a different style of presenting your stories in an interesting way that might be plus point for you to be in a beautiful dreamed relationship.
  3. Straight to the goal
    Its the biggest mistake, done while flirting with the girls. If you are flirting with girls you might give her touch on hand and hips, face.etc. but not kisses. Every girl thinks; boys just flirt girls for having sexual relations. So, you should be careful and it’s not good styling of flirting if you are always using double meaning or dirty mind test. If girls really trust you and enjoy your touch then only proceed to the goal.
  4. Wrong time
    Every time is not good for flirting. She might date with you while she is sick, in a depression or in a problem just because she does not want to ignore you. It’s not the time to flirt with her rather you should win her trust saying that there is always you whatever the problems arise around us. She should trust you blindly and should think you are the only one who’s always ready to be with her at any situation. It would be a great point for you to be in a beautiful long-term relationship.
  5. Bad habits
    Too much drinking and smokings are injurious to health and so is for a healthy relationship. To make a girl trust you is a very difficult task and if you have bad habits it’s more difficult. You might not know what you are talking or texting her while you are too drunk. So, if you are flirting with a girl you should make sure you are conscious. Even while dating her, it’s not a good idea of being too much drunk because she might feel uncomfortable while society sees her.
  6. Too serious
    If you are flirting with girls, make sure you should not be serious for any reasons in any topics. It might lead to a fight to the end of the relationship. Moreover, joking and arguing with girls is the best way to flirt and win their trust easily. You have to smile. Even if you’re the quiet, strong stoic type, the one time you should smile is when you’re flirting. Frankly, they should be making you smile. If they aren’t maybe they’re not right for you.
  7. Many guys can easily flirt with girls on social media. In the meantime, if they are on the date, boys might be shy and stop flirting her. It makes a boring date which the girl doesn’t want. If she does not find what she is expecting from you it becomes difficult to move ahead. Even if you flirt with girls and have true feelings for her and if girls too have feelings for you, she won’t understand unless you express it to her in a right time because girls never make the first step to express her love in most cases. So you should be careful and should be able to understand her body gestures to move ahead.
  8. Don’t get hopeless.
    Sometimes, she might not a response to your flirting act. Don’t lose hope. She might be busy with something else. But you should always a response to her actions to gain her trust. since the boys think too much and logically, you might come up with the feelings to end up the relationship which is worst. If she tries to ignore you she might not be interested in you so better to change the flirting style.
  9. Don’t be irritating with your jokes only
    Many boys think flirting is only to make laugh a girl with funny and dirty jokes. However, they might not be interested in you just only because of your funny jokes and they don’t want only to become your listener. They want two-way communication and it’s your sincerity and trust for which they fall for you. Sometimes be serious if she is not in the mood to flirt with you. If you do so, she might lose interest in you.
  10. Flirting with eye contact
    The best way to find out whether a girl is interested and it also the best way to catch her attention is eye contact. Eye contact doesn’t mean to stare her for a long time. After short eye contact, make your move for flirting with her. Keep smiling while doing so. Because your smile matters a lot while flirting and could easily get her attention. However, your smile might be shy, confidence, mysterious. you should smile at appropriate way depending upon the situations.
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