Homepage of ChristianMingle
Homepage of christianmingle in web browser
  • Are you tired of dating people of different religions?
  • Are you sick of dating people whose interests and hobbies do not match yours?
  • Are you Christian? Tired of looking for single Christians over online apps?
  • Are you looking for a Christian guy or girl to date?

Today’s popularity of dating sites such as Zoosk.com, eHarmony, POF.com, Tinder, etc has made romantic life much easier and convenient. This popularity is the downfall for serious-minded people and to those who have strong faith in God and follow their principle. ChristianMingle.com is a perfect app for people with strong beliefs and faith in Christianity. It is highly recommended for Christian people who want to have a long term relationship. This app can also be used for finding out a reliable partner of the same religion. Or, you can just find people who share your beliefs and principles.

If you’re a Christian and are looking for a partner who should also be a Christian, ChristainMingle is a perfect dating site for you. The online dating site, Christian Mingle has features to find the best match for yourself and set your dates. It makes it easier for you to find a partner who thinks alike, especially regarding religion and Christianity. You can also surf the app and find the most appropriate partner for you. The app has gained good feedback from its users worldwide.

ChristianMingle.com Sign-up; Registering On ChristianMingle

Signing up on ChristianMingle is the first step to landing yourself a good date. Thus, we recommend you on creating a ChristianMingle account.

Here below are the steps in order to successfully create a ChristianMingle account:

Step 1: First of all, open your preferred web browser( For eg.Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, etc). Type www.ChristianMingle.com. Remember to click on the official link and avoid getting to the phishing link.

Homepage of ChristianMingle.com
The homepage of ChristianMingle.com to register a new account.

Step 2: You can sign up using your Facebook or Email.

  • Tap on the ‘dark blue’ button named as Facebook if you want to create a new ChristianMingle account using Facebook.
  • Else, tap on another icon to create a new ChristianMingle account using the Email address.

If you’ve selected to sign up using your Facebook, all your information will be imported from your Facebook and your account will be created. In case if you don’t want to use your Facebook account then you can use your email address.

Step 3: To create an account in ChristianMingle using an Email address, follow the given steps wisely to avoid any issues.

After you click on the ‘Email’ button to create an account using Email, you will be redirected to the signup page. Here, enter your email address in the first field and password on the second field. Press enter key or click on the ‘Next’ button to move forward. You need to tick mark the option that says ‘I’m not a robot’.

Signup page in your web browser to create an account.

Step 4: It will redirect you to the second page of sign-up asking you to add photos. You can add photos by tapping or clicking on the ‘Add +’ icon. Add your photo from your device storage. Or else you can import from Facebook as well. Tap the ‘Next’ button to continue.

Add some of the photos to gather attention.
Upload some of your pics required for signup

Step 5: You’ll be redirected to the next page that says “What do you want your Christmas Mingle name to be?“. You can go classic and select the given names shown within the page like in the example below. Or, you can also enter something fun that describes you in the second choice. Tap on the ‘Next’ button to continue after choosing the display name.

2nd page of your signup process.
2nd page of your signup process.

Step 6: The next page will ask you about your details. ‘Height’, ‘Marital Status’, ‘Religion’, ‘Occupation’, ‘Have Kids’, ‘Want kids’ and ‘Level of Education’ options are given to you as shown in the image below. Tap ‘Next’ after filling your details.

Fill up your details such as height, martial status, religion, level of education. You cannot skip this process of signing up.
A signup process asking your details

Step 7: Another page will pop up where you will be asked to ‘Write a summary about yourself’. Here you can write a short description of yourself. Tap the ‘Next’ button to continue.

write a short or brief information about you to attract some attention.
A short summary about yourself page in the process of signing up ChristianMingle.

Step 8: The next page loads out asking you to ‘Choose a few interests’. Here you can choose some of your interests. Or you can tap on the ‘Skip’ button if you want to skip this step. Tap the ‘Next’ button when you’re done.

Choose a few interests while signing in to ChristianMingle
Page redirected to select few interests of yours to show other users besides your profile.

Step 9: Another page will appear titled ‘Who are you looking for?’. You can also choose to ‘Skip’ if this page doesn’t interest you. But it is recommended to fill up this page so that to help you find the best matches.

  • You need to select your preferred gender that you are looking for on the “I’m Seeking” options.
  • Set your preferred age range in the “Ages” option by sliding on the age bar.
  • Edit on “Distance” options if you’re looking to date near your locations.
  • Choose your preferred religion for your partner on the “Religion” option.
  • Finally, select the relationship types you prefer on the bar that says “Relationship Type”.

Click on the ‘Next’ button once you’ve made your selections. You can also change these preferences later.

Describe and select your preferences according to your taste.
The next page redirected asking your preferences where you can describe and select your preferences according to your taste.

You have finally created a ChristianMingle account. Subscribe the app and you’re ready to go. Tap on ‘Subscribe Today’ to unlock more features or ‘Browse’ if you want to skip and use limited features.

Last step of signing up for ChristianMingle. Subscribe or skip.
Tap on Subscribe to get a full feature of ChristianMingle or just skip it.

After Skipping or Subscribing you will be directed to the homepage of the ChristianMingle as shown in the image below.

Homepage profile of ChristianMingle account.
The first look of your Christian mingle page after you’ve created an account.

This site will automatically show people Matching to yours according to your profile information.

Congratulation you just created an account for ChristianMingle. Now you’re done with the registration process at ChristianMingle.com. Hundreds of matchups and your matchups are waiting for you. You can date one of them on a few counts. After creating a ChristianMingle account, log in awaits you. Here is how you log in to ChristianMingle easily.

Christian Mingle Login:

Now that you’ve successfully registered on ChristianMingle.com, you might be interested in signing in to your account as soon as possible. If you’re logging in for the first time and do not know how to sign in to ChristianMingle.com, feel at ease. You can log in to ChristianMingle via the app or via the web.

ChristianMingle Web Login; Signing into ChristianMingle.com

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to sign in to ChristianMingle.com:

1. Open your preferred web browser. In the search bar, type www.christianmingle.com and press the ‘Enter’ key. Click on ChristianMingle to visit the official link.

2. This will redirect to the homepage of ChristianMingle.com. Click on the ‘Login Here’ link at the top-right corner of the screen next to ‘Already a member?’ link.

Homepage of ChristianMingle.com
Homepage of ChristianMingle.com to login to your account.

3. You will be redirected to the login page. Fill out your email in the first field and Password in the second field. Click on ‘Login’ button after you have entered your ‘Email’ and ‘Password’. The email and password must match with that you used to register your ChristianMingle account.

ChristianMingle.com Login Page
Login page for ChristianMingle in your browser.

Now, you will be redirected to your ChristianMingle profile page that looks like the image below.

You can see plenty of features as ‘New’, ‘Online’, ‘Distance’, ‘Match%’, ‘Lookbook’. Also, you can edit your profile as you wish anytime. You can browse for what’s new on ‘New’, ‘Distance’ to check dates near you, or check your ‘Match%’ with other users.

ChristianMingle has wonderful features that allow users to find out people who are stalking to their profile in the ‘Activity’ option. To unleash all the features you can subscribe to ChristianMingle. Enabling it will grant you access to join the events, organize and many more.

Profile page after you login your ChristianMingle account.
Your first homepage after you successfully login to your ChristianMingle account.

ChristianMingle Dating App Login

You can also enjoy using the features of ChristianMingle through a mobile app for both Android and ios devices. First, you need to download the Christian Mingle app on your phone. You can enjoy all the features of the site within the app. Features such as uploading the images, editing your profile, searching for users, read and reply to messages, etc. ChristianMingle app is quick and easy to use if you don’t have a PC. It is equally efficient as using the official site.

To enjoy accessing features of ChristianMingle app on the phone, follow the given steps:

1. Go to play store of your android smartphone and search ChristianMingle dating apps in the search bar.

2. Tap on the “ChristianMingle app” and click on the download button that will process to download on your device.

3. After finishing downloading you can see a new icon on your smartphone screen. Tap on the orange-colored ChristianMingle app as shown in the image below.

ChristianMingle app icon
New icon after downloading the ChristianMingle app from the play store.

4. Tap on the ChristianMingle app to open the app. Then it will redirect you to the homepage of the app as shown in the image below.

Homescreen of ChristianMingle app
Homepage of the ChristianMingle app in your mobile device.

5. Tap on ‘Login Here’ options just below Already a Member? Type your ChristianMingle “Username” and “Password” and tap on the ‘Login’ button.

Login page for ChristianMingle mobile app.
Login page for ChristianMingle in an app

6. Now you will be redirected to the homepage of your profile where you can see the matching rate and discover new dates nearby you as in the image below. Send messages to any singles through your ChristianMingle app and enjoy the company of your match partners.

Profile page of your ChristianMingle app.
The profile page after you linked your account in the ChristianMingle app.

Forgot ChristianMingle.com Username; Recover ChristianMingle.com Account Username

In case you forgot your ChristianMingle account username and cannot gain access to your account. Don’t worry we are here to let you know the steps involved in regaining your lost account.

Recovering Christian Mingle Account Username Via Email:

You can recover your ChristianMingle account username using the email. In case you forgot the username of your ChristianMingle account, just type your email address that had been linked to your ChristianMingle account. Now you can access your ChristianMingle account with this easy step. Just follow the given steps to recover the username of your account.

Open your preferred web browser, type ChristianMingle.com, then you will be redirected to the homepage of this site as shown in the image below.

Homepage for ChristianMingle site.
Homepage of ChristianMingle.com.

2. You can click the “Login Here” button located on the top right corner. Then you will be redirected to the login page.

3. Type your linked email address in the first field instead of your username. Type your password on the second field and click the “Login” button.

Login page for ChristianMingle
Login page for ChristianMingle. Login to your account using email or username.

4. You will be then redirected to your homepage profile. Note down your username and password to avoid such tragedies in the future.

NOTEYour username, linked email, and password are the most essential things to get access to your ChristianMingle account. You can easily recover your username if you remember your linked email and password.

Forgot ChristianMingle.com password; Reset ChristianMingle Account Password

To recover your ChristianMingle account password, all you need is your linked email address. If you’ve access to your linked email address then resetting your ChristianMingle account password is a piece of cake for you. Below are steps that you need to follow in order to reset your ChristianMingle.com account password. Make sure to go through them all in order to avoid any issues while resetting your account password.

Steps to reset your ChristianMingle account password:

1. Open your preferred browser, and type ‘christianmingle.com’. Press enter and you will be redirected to the homepage of ChristianMingle.

Homepage of Christianmingle on website.
Homepage of ChristianMingle.com.

2. Search for “Login Here” options located on the screen at the top right corner then click on it.

3. You will be redirected to the sign-in page. At the lower bottom, you can find “Forgot Password?” options. Click on the “Forgot password?” link.

The page has been redirected to login page.
Page redirected to the login page. You can either log in to your account or tap Forgot password if you lost the account.

4. You will be redirected to the next page asking your “Email” only. Type your linked email id and fill the captcha. Click on “Send Reset link” just bellow the captcha.

Redirected page with the Email field only.
Redirected page with the Email field only. Enter your email and fill out the captcha and you’re ready to go.

5. Within a few minutes, you will receive a ChristianMingle password reset email with its link. Click on the ChristianMingle password reset link that you can see in the email.

6. Then you will be redirected to a new page where you have the options of “Set up your new password”. Enter your preferred new password. On the second field, you will be asked to retype your password as “Confirm your password”. Again type your password exactly the same as written on the first field for the confirmation purpose.

7. Now, finally, click on the “Update Password” button to successfully reset your ChristianMingle account password successfully.

Note – Remember to either print or note down your password in the diary in case you forget in the future. If you again forget the password in the future, email is a must to recover your password. Avoid losing your email and password again.

Thank you for reading until the very end. We hope you find the best-suited matchup and partner for you. Remember to update your password every now and then.


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