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Couples kissing each other under beautiful sunset.

First love, first date, first kiss and asking a girl out for the first time, makes some of the most cherished memories for every teenager. Dating in a teenager is so beautiful and pure, it feels like everything is going to last forever. It is the most unforgettable memories in any guy’s life. By this age, everything goes crazy and wild, including dating. There’s a lot of things that a guy needs to take care of and learn about. There are many chances that your first date can turn out to be their last one if not handled with care.

If you’re looking for the ways to impress any girl you have a crush, no worries, we got your back. We have come up with the most useful dating tips for you. You could give these tips a go and see for yourself.

1. Improve your Dressing Sense

Dressing style of men
A well-dressed man in suits

Well, this doesn’t mean your dressing sense is not good enough to go for a date. Never forget the first impression plays a vital role in the case of dating and relationships. According to research, it is found that girls are more likely to get attracted to the guy who dresses like a young man. You’ll impress a girl more if you look as mature as your real age. So, the next time you approach a girl for dating, always keep this in mind.

2. Compliment Her

Girls love to hear compliments all the time. Try complementing her the way she looks, about her eyes, about her hairs. You can commend her about her personal abilities in the field of study, sports or arts as well. Don’t just compliment her on her appearance. Let her know those little things you notice about her and appreciate her. Many guys try to impress girls by faking a lot of non-existing things about her and this is where they fail. Try excluding false compliments. Girls often know what she truly is worthy of being complimented for. Once she finds that you are not telling the truth she might feel a little bit patronized. Well, you can tell her about your inner feelings about her; what you truly feel for her? What does she mean to you? These things can sometimes directly turn on her feelings for you.

3. Be a Good Listener

Girls love to talk, share their tiny little things. Don’t just listen! pay attention and show some interest, ask questions. This will help to get to know her while she keeps on sharing her stories. This will help to build trust and she will explore more herself in front of you. Communication plays an essential role in and is one of the most important dating tips. Yet, do not keep talking only about yourself as it is a big turnoff for many girls. First, try to be her good friend then it takes no time to be her boyfriend. Next time when you are out on a date, pay attention to her gossips.

4. Punctuality is Must

Clock Showing the time
A clock on the table showing time.

The next tip on this list is never to be late for the date. If you really care about your first impression then you will certainly remember this tip. Arriving late on a date can make her feel like you are not serious enough for this date. So put some effort and keep yourself enough time to get onto the spot where you are meeting. It’s good if you arrive a few minutes earlier then her and show some gestures to greet her when she arrives.

5. Avoid Awkward Silence; Be Humorous

Sometimes dates can be nerve-racking just like the test. You want to talk but you run out of words and go completely blank. This is where your humorous skills come in handy. Crack some jokes make her laugh but make sure that joke is not going to offend her in any way. It’s boring to sit at a restaurant and talk about what others are doing or about schools or colleges. It’s okay if you don’t belong to a humorous type. A free tip for you, ask her for a movie together. A movie can be the best conversation starter which helps to break the ice and talk long about it.

6. Gifts and Surprises

man holding flower in front of woman
Boy surprising a girl with flowers.

Who doesn’t love gifts? When you are going to meet her have some chocolates or gifts she likes. Well, it would be good if you guessed her interests and gift her something she really appreciates. Having some gifts on a date will make her feel like you really care for her. However, if you are not sure about her interests, buy her some flowers. Flowers are very useful to impress any girl. Remember to take flowers or gifts with you on your next date. And see how she reacts. I am sure you’re going to thank me for this.

7. Try to Be Humble

Being humble cost nothing. Open the door, pull out a chair, stand and approach her when she enters or leaves the room. These are good signs to show you care and respect her and want to put her needs ahead of yours. Not only these things, maintain your posture and body language when you are with her. Also, take care of your tone, you should not sound arrogant try being polite.

So these are the few tips that a teenage guy must take care of while going on a date with his partner. With these dating tips, I hope you have got the gist of what things to do and what things to avoid when you are dating. Teenage love and dates might be difficult but these are the things that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Well, dating is a fun experience, and keeping it simple and innocent is the key to make it successful.

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