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Do you have a best friend? And do you think of dating your best friend? Can dating best friend work? Dating your best friend is a good idea as you have known each other for so long. But, you must be aware of the risk for both of you though.

Many of the happy couples say being in a healthy relationship as they consider their partners to be their best friend. After all, having a strong friendship bond is the key to a healthy, happy and long-term relationship. In some studies about Social and Personal Relationships, researchers had found that lovers who are also close friends enjoy better sex, more love, and greater commitment.

Though dating your best friend is a good idea, it may impart some risks or disadvantages to both of you. So the advice for dating your best friend is you must know about several pros and cons you may have to face before you decide to start dating your best friend. Before you decide to be lovers from best friends, understand the advantages and disadvantages of dating your best friend. Also, here are a few things that you need to know before going on a first date with your best friend.

Pros of Dating Your Best Friend

Here are some pros of dating your best friend.

1. You already know each other

It is obvious that best friends know each other so well inside and out. You know each other and have a strong foundation with each other. There may be unavoidable disagreements but it is safe since you have already seen each other at the worst. He / She has your back. You can start a romantic relationship with your best friend whom you have known well for a long time. Rather than surfing for someone to start out a relationship, whom you don’t know well.

2. You have the same group of friends

Introducing your partner to your group of friends can be tricky and may require some process. However, if you are best friends it’s likely you already have the same group of friends. This makes adding events to your social calendar a no-brainer. You can enjoy being together also within your friends’ circle.

3. You may already know their family

It may be formidable or frightening to a limit to introduce your partner to your family. But, since you two have been friends for so long, you may already know their family. Therefore, it will be less daunting to meet their parents. Also, you won’t be tasked with having to meet each others’ parents for the first time.

4. No awkward first date

There is no need to stress about first date awkwardness in dating your best friend. You’re not worried about saying something wrong or what to talk about. Yet you still have those butterflies that come along with any first date. It would be a pretty romantic date without an awkwardness.

5. Don’t have to struggle to impress

Everyone tries their best to make their best impression on the one who they are concerned about. You are always conscious about dressing yourself up and impress that person. Unlike, when you have a best friend, you need not worry about these things. The days of spending hours to decide what to wear are gone. What matters is that you are comfortable around each other and that’s wonderful.

6. Trust that prevents intemperate jealousy

Jealousy can be the harshest obstacle in a relationship that is likely to occur within a couple due to a lack of trust. Your partner may get jealous or doubtful about you hanging out with your other mates. If you are best friends then such cases are unlikely to happen and, are immune from jealousy. Because you are starting off your relationship from a place of trust. Even if you see him/ her with other people, you can rest assured he/ she isn’t cheating on you as there is the trust that exists between you.

Cons of Dating Your Best Friend

Here are some cons of dating your best friend.

1. Risk of losing your best friend

It is not impossible that a situation may occur where your proposal to start dating with your best friend gets turned down. If so happens, it is obvious that an awkwardness arises between you two. Also, that may make the one who rejected the proposal to withdraw from the friendship as well.

In another scenario, if things don’t work out between your dating relationship, you may end up losing a partner as well as a best friend. After all, continuing friendship after the end of the relationship isn’t a likely option. You may not want a relationship you’ve built for such a long time to go down the drain.

2. The first date doesn’t feel like an actual first date

It may be a little too casual for your liking. You probably have gone out together to eat and hang out so often during your long term friendship. So when you start dating, you may not get the same feel as you go off to your first date. Despite both being dressed up and go to a nicer place than usual, you may end up feeling like a casual meet and not feeling like an actual date.

3. Little too comfortable

Though you have known each other so well for a long time, your relationship is still new. Most relationships flourish on the novelty of it. You may crave for some butterfly moments to create a romantic relationship between you two. Being a little too comfortable may not be the best thing if you like the relationship to progress. So don’t give up on making a good impression too soon.

4. You may lose this person to talk about the relationship

It is easy for you to consult about your relationship with your best friend. Your best friend may have been a good source of suggestions in your previous relationship(s). But once you get into a relationship with that best friend, you will no longer have this person as a relationship sounding board. After all, it is a bit different complaining about your partner to your best friend when your best friend is your partner.

Is it good to date your best friend?

When deciding to date or not date your best friend, it is better you analyze through the pros and cans of dating best friend. Knowing the risks or cons, if you still feel like your relationship will work and is mutual go for it. After all, a good friendship is the foundation of any relationship. Else if the feeling is mutual and you think you work out better, being friends then don’t spoil your friendship.


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