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Flirting at work is kind of fun. A lot of people say no to flirt especially at the workplace but not everyone. If you are trying to spice up your life with some attractive people then flirting is the best way. You see your colleagues daily at your workplace and it is expected that you may have a crush on them. It might be tricky to flirt with a guy when you are nervous and quite a shy person. However, there is nothing more fun than having a guy to flirt even when it takes you nowhere. Much like life, the more you learn about it, the more you practice, the better you get in flirting.

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So, here are some flirting tips for you to try out at your workplace.


Having eye contact gives a positive vibe to the one at the opposite end. Let your eyes do the talking for you. Keep looking straight into his eyes whenever you get involved in any conversation. Try flirting with your eyebrows occasionally. When you are not involved in any conversation, take a peek at him and when he catches you peeking act innocent. Guys love when girls do something mischievous and act innocent. Furthermore, it will sprout a unique feeling in him. He will be forced to think things through. And in doing so, he will constantly be thinking of you. And if he is interested in you, you’ll see some obvious signs coming from him too.


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A smiling face can make your day and the people around you happy. It would be foolish to believe that being cold makes you look attractive. A cold and emotionless face may appear attractive to some but most of the guys prefer girls with cheerful faces. In fact, constantly smiling while looking at someone is a sign that you are interested in him. But keep in mind your smile must be genuine. People know when the smile is fake and may disinterest people.

When you smile at a guy, he thinks that you are comfortable and fun to be with. It is really exciting to be around a lively person so listen to his saying lovingly. Laughing at everything he says, however, is a totally different thing. It will make him feel uncomfortable and can make the situation worse. It is no rocket science that people love to be around those who make them feel good. So make him feel comfortable, talk to him sweetly, give a genuine smile to him.


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No matter what people say, your appearance does matter. People who dress smartly are liked and loved by all. But know the difference between dressing smart and dressing like a clown. Your dress must reflect your smart personality and not the other way around. So, you better dress well to impress. You do not need to go overboard though. So, you don’t need to go shopping just yet. Learn to dress sensibly, and know what colors go well with your skin type and hairstyle. Choose the best look that your wardrobe has to offer and wear it with confidence. Believe me, that will do the trick.


You might think that guys are not interested in hearing compliments. But you are wrong to think so. In fact, guys much like girls love hearing compliments but only genuine ones. Compliments are like verbal sunshine and can make your day colorful like that of a rainbow. It is the great stepping stone of having a flirty conversation with a guy. Say something unique that you appreciate about him but don’t go overboard. Don’t focus only on his appearance, also compliment on something he did well. This will make him feel that you are noticing him. The most important thing is to be genuine with the compliments you pass him. And if luck is on your side you’ll start receiving compliments back. Know that it is the sign you’ve been waiting for.


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Flirting through text, phone calls or on social media is a salutary way to show your interest towards him. If you want to let other people know that you are flirting with him then you can just like and comment on his pictures. If you don’t want that anyone should know about this then you can flirt through text or phone calls. It depends on whom you are looking to flirt with. But first, know everything there is about him before you make a bold move on flirting virtually or openly. Else things might not end well for you or him.


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Gentle touches are one of the best ways of flirting. It helps to keep the person captivated towards you and give rise to his feeling towards you. But do not go overboard with your touches. Moreover, in workplaces, it is not considered to be appropriate. There is always a flirtatious way of touching a guy. That can make him not feel awkward or embarrassed in front of others. Touching the guy’s arm or shoulder, shaking hands is regarded as normal and this way he can definitely open up more.


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Use positive body language. This way the person knows that you are fun to be with and want to know more about him. The first thing you can do is have an eye contact that will make him feel special and smile at him to drag his attention towards you. This will make him know that you want to know him and you are ready to have fun. Once you start talking to a guy, you can get his attention by slowly moving your hair with your fingers, while crossing the path slightly touching his shoulders and so on. You can also play with your lips if you want to be more flirtatious.


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