guys carring their partners and smiling.
guys holding girls on their back and smiling.

Gone are the days when it was just guys wooing girls. Much like guys, girls do not hesitate to make the first move now. Girls these days are full of confidence, they appear to be even more confident than guys these days. It might just be another sign of change and a welcoming one too. I mean why should the guys do all the chasing and not girls. Girls are the only ones who get pampered all the time while guys do all the planning and confronting.

So coming to the point, you are a girl and want to impress a guy whom you find charming and fun to be around. And now you want to impress his with all that you’ve got but it isn’t working. You’re confused whether its you who lacks something or you made a wrong choice. Well, it’s not just you who feels that way when things do not go as planned. But there’s nothing to get alarmed just yet. You might still have chance to win him over. All you need is to plan properly. And that’s exactly what we will be talking about today in this article. So, make sure you go through it and hopefully, things will turn around for good.

Below are some of the working tip on what you need to do if you want to impress a guy:

1. Be the girl who carries her own style:

Everyone has their own style and it is important that you maintain yours until the very end. This is the only way you can grab a guy’s attention and win over a guy’s heart. By styling, I don’t mean that you rust to shopping for expensive dresses and beauty products. Well, expensive clothes might make you look good to a certain extent but it’s your dressing sense that makes you stand out. Make sure you stick to your dressing sense and keep your skin tone natural without overdoing it with all sorts of cosmetic products. Or you might end up looking like a clown and make fool out of yourself. Doing so will surely impress any guy no problem.

a lady holding a basket containing flowers.
A lady carrying a basket with flowers and smiling.

2. Wear self-confidence:

You might have heard that a confident personality can achieve anything they put their heart to and it’s a fact. It is important that you wear your confidence even when you feel shakey from inside. Just hold your posture and be calm when dealing with the one you seek to impress. There is nothing more a guy loves than to have a confident girl around. This makes him look good in front of his friends and family. So, you better wear your self-confidence when you’re around him even if you’ve to act like one.

a lady with a messy bun.
A lady with the messy bun staring something.

3. Play hard to get:

The most important thing when you approach a guy is not be an easy-going girl. That’s the worse thing to do. Even if you are head over heels for that particular guy, it’s better to suppress your emotions and play hard to get. Guys are conquerors by nature and they like to fight hard to win over their queen. That is preciously why guys like girls who are hard to get. Be a hard to get girl, one that is certain to excite guys and they will go to any length to win over you.

4. Give the guy some sorts of competition:

Even when you have the attention of the guy you seek to impress, you cannot relax just yet. Rather you’ve to be on your toe and stay alert. You can choose to play around, have fun with other guys and can even flirt with them if need be. Make him jealous if you need to. Try avoiding him, if he texts you make him wait impatiently and then text back. If he decides to call you, don’t just rush to pick it up, rather give him a mild attack by not picking up on the first go. You’re not dating him yet so you can do all you want until he decides to make a move of his own.

5. Use social networking sites:

Well, we live in the 21st century, don’t we? So, why not make use of all sorts of technologies available. Or else, what’s the meaning of having them in the first place. You can dive into social media sites and make full use of it to stay connected with the one you seek to impress. Be his friend and that way you’ll get to understand him better. You can also keep track of all his activities. Invite him to have a flirty conversation late at night. You can choose to be a flirt and try to woo him. It is easy this way than to face him head-on right. It will certainly improve your chances and bring you two closer.

6. Let your uniqueness shines:

Remember you are one of a kind and very special one. There’s no one who can compete with you in being you. So, make use of your uniqueness to win over him. Be real and be yourself when you are around him. If you choose to deceive remember it won’t last very long and when he finds out he will move on. So, just be your better self and that way he will certainly admire you.

7. Be mischevious:

Guys love girls who are a little mischevious in nature. One who likes to fool around and play silly tricks all the time. You can have silly fights where you beat him to dust and act like a cry baby when you can’t. Make silly faces and act childish. You’ll both have a time of your life and that way it will surely spark the desire withing him to get you. And in no time you can expect to get even closer to him than ever.

8. Try to smile and be happy around him:

Smile is an ornament when worn by girls makes them look gorgeous. This is one thing you should work on if you want to impress a guy. Men have a thing for cheerful and happy looking girls. They instantly fall in love with girls who appear cheerful and happy all the time. You can certainly try to appear cheerful and happy when you are around him. This will enlighten his mood and who knows he might actually fall for your cheerful nature.

A preety lady smiling.
A lady with glasses is smiling looking at someone.

We hope you find these tips useful. Make sure you visit our website: for more tips and advice on dating. Best of luck wooing the guy of your dream.


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