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We have all heard about tricks and tips on dating and getting the girl you have always wanted. Most of us have watched videos on youtube about getting the girl we have always fancied?

But what if you never knew about the girl who likes you or fancies you and in some part of our heart we liked them too. Ask yourself will you know if someone likes or even loves you?

Can you read the signs and behaviors of a girl who likes you?

If you could then my friend your a psychologist but if you can’t you will read this article.

Cute girl
Cute girl lying down. She looks like an anjel.

Most of the men have always been unable to read or mistake the signs given by women or a girl to be closer. Quiet frankly women are weird beings and men’s minds are not wired in such a way to know what women want or means. You might end up using stupid tricks to impress your woman which might hurt your women.

That’s something we don’t want to happen to you.

The last thing you want to do is hurt some girl who probably likes you. Trust me when I say these girls have far more options than you, So you don’t screw it.

Let’s start the grill and understand our girls better.
Today we’re going to discuss 6 signs to know if a girl loves you.

1.Long Eye Contacts

Well, where does love start?

I would say it starts with your eyes. If someone has feelings for you they can’t hide it from their eyes. Eyes are very expressive. Girls will indulge in long eye contact if they like you. Long eye contact means seeking the motivation to carry on with you. If you indulge in long eye contact that means yes for the girls.

If someone doesn’t like you they won’t look you in the eyes for a longer period of time and vice-versa. As they say, eyes are the mirrors of the soul.

2. She smiles at you often

Will you smile for someone, not that special when she looks at you?

The answer is no. You wouldn’t smile at someone when you don’t have feelings for her like her or isn’t that important. In fact, you wouldn’t even smile at your best friend. You want to smile at someone when you want to impress a person or show you are in a good mood.

A girl will smile at your ugly face if she wants to impress you with her smile and wants to show she’s in a good mood. and is easy going to talk with you or for starting a conversation.

3. She touches you while talking to you.

Why would a girl go touchy-touchy all of a sudden?

You would touch someone while talking to show if you are really close to someone. Do you remember giving bro hugs, friendly pats, or even high fives to your friend? That friend who touches you must be close to you. Likewise, the lady gives you those sound touches of bliss because she feels good with you.
In such conditions, you must level up and take your relationship to another level.

4. She comments on your social media posts.

Who would comment on your post?

If you think everybody likes your post but commenting is another level of dedication and bonding. You will never find yourself commenting on someone not so specials post. Likewise, if she comments on your post after a short period of knowing than something is cooking.

Take a deep note on her comments as it’s said many things about her feelings for you.

5. She has time for you.

Does this ring any bell?

If she finds time to chat with you at any certain time you must be happy because she is interested in you. Well, time is something really expensive. If someone gives you time its means she got something for you.
Don’t worry be happy and think of another step maybe a date.

6. She helps you with different things.

Ok, the question is who would you help?

We genuinely help the person we are close to like our friends, family members, and our loved ones. Most of the time if someone is helping you there is a reason behind it. In a practical life scenario, everyone has their own obligations and is bound in their circle of duties.

If someone goes beyond their boundaries to help you in professional and personal life then she is interested in you.

You shall probably approach her for new beginnings in life.

7. A girl suddenly fighting you is an obvious sign.

Why would she fight without a reason?

Do you ever feel like why are we having this unwanted discussion or fight? Well like I said girls are hard to understand. They don’t want to show their feeling as sometimes their behaviors are obvious and they want to hide it. That’s why they start to fight with you in little things to cover their feelings.

Make your girl comfortable and secure around you that might help in this condition.

8. She asks you a question about your personal life.

Why would she do that?

It’s pretty simple if you want to know someone better you would ask questions about them. She tries to know you better by knowing all the little and significant things in your life. Little questions like favorite food, family members, movie genres, and so on.

She does this because she secretly loves you and wants to know you better.

9. She might be acting pricey person sometimes.

couple fight
Couples are fighting. As some issues have occurred

Does this mean she’s got no time for you?

This behavior doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any time for you. What it actually means is she wants you to value her. Most of us don’t value things when they come easily to us due to which we might take her for granted.
So you must mind valuing your girl.

10. She wants to spend some time with you.

Does that mean she’s interested?

Definitely Yes. If she wants to spend some time with you instead of colleagues and friend circles. This allows her to know your personality and the level of bonding between you guys. Don’t shy away in such golden opportunities and be you in such moments.

Also, don’t forget to be interesting and spontaneous with girls. Avoid having any conversation on any serious topic. It’s an outing to chill not a debate to win.

I would love to hear your comments and feedback on this topic. And make sure to look for the signs listed above to know if a girl has a crush on you. You would never know if a girl you have a crush on might actually have a crush on you as well. And if it turns that way, you might as well learn how to impress any girl.


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