What is Jeevansathi.com?

Jeevansathi.com is one of the top matrimonial sites of India that helps young ladies and gentleman to get married. The site aims to provide a safe and convenient experience of finding a matrimonial partner with the Indian culture at its center. They offer services that supposedly makes it easy for the users to find a groom or bride on the basis of their community group, religion, caste, and location. The best part of this site is completely free.

How to Register or Sign up in Jeevansathi.com?

Okay so you are here means you are willing to find the best match from jeevansathi and get married soon. Well, in that case, I am going to guide you through the steps on how to create a profile on Jeevansathi.com. It’s not that easy to set up a good profile on this site but you don’t have to worry. Just have some patience and a good looking photo of you. Watch out these steps carefully to meet your spouse through this site.

  1. First go to your favorite browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari or Firefox and then type www.jeevansathi.com or you can directly click to this link https://www.jeevansathi.com/. This should redirect you to jeevansathi.com official website.
Homepage of jeevansathi.com with an account sign up options on the right sidebar.

Now you click on the Create Profile For from dropdown menu, there you find various options as shown below.

Dropdown menu for creating profile.

Here I am going to create a profile for self. But you don’t have to worry the sign-up process is almost similar for all other available options.

2. Select Self and fill all other options listed below like email address, Mobile No., and Create Password.

Filled information for new registration of jeevansathi.com account

3. Once you are done with this click on the Register Free button.

Congratulations you completed the first stage of setting up your profile.

Now after you click on Register Free button you get redirected to the next page that asks for your personal information in more detail.

4. Fill all the information that is marked with * sign. The * sign indicates the information is mandatory for setting up a profile.

Profile details information fill up form registration of new profile on Jeevansathi.com.

While you go on filling this form additional options get displayed that asks you to fill more informations like Religion, Caste, Subcaste, Manglik, Marital Status and so on.

After you complete filling all the details click on Continue.

Good Job! now you are on the first stage of registering your new profile on jeevansathi.com.

Now let’s head on to career detail.

Career details information fill up form for registration of new profile in Jeevansathi.com.

5. Fill out each detail as I have mentioned in the above picture.

6. Now you have to describe yourself in almost 50 words in the Express Yourself section. Here you can write about your interests and hobbies. If you find it difficult to explain yourself in English then you have an option to do it in Hindi as well. For that, all you have to do is click on the “हिंदी में लिखें” option.

7. When you are done with this just click on the Complete Registration button.

Okay if you completed up to here then you are very near to get a perfect spouse through this site. Just follow a few steps more and have some patience.

If you are following the above steps carefully then you must be in the Lifestyle & Family section. And this is the last stage for your profile setup.

Lifestyle and family details form for registration of the new profile in jeevansathi.com.

8. Now fill out all the information that you want to provide. As you can see there’s no Star(*) sign so it’s not mandatory to fill all the box out there. Once you are done with this, you can now click on Add to my Profile button.

Also, you can skip this step by directly clicking on I will add this later button available on the right side of Add to my profile button.

Okay, so what’s next?

Now when you complete this still there’s a verification process left. Don’t panic it’s simple. All you have to do is provide a valid Indian mobile number. The Jeevansathi.com will send you a verification code in that number to make sure it’s not a fake profile.

Phone number verification process of Jeevansathi.com.

When you provide your valid phone number you will get a few digit codes on your phone. Once the server finds that the number is valid it will open a new dialog box in your screen that asks for the code as shown in the picture below. Simply enter the code from your device and click on Submit.

insert verification code dialog box for registration of new profile in Jeevansathi.com.
Congratulation message after successful verification of phone number.

When you click on the submit button you will get a congratulations message as shown in the above picture.

Okay, now you have successfully completed the free registration process of Jeevansathi.com.

Now you can fill up additional information like adding your profile photo and other information asked from the dashboard to get 100% completion of profile. The more information you list on your profile the chances of getting the best match grows higher. So be careful while listing your information.

Login process of Jeevansathi.com

I guess you have gone through my article above that gives you detail information on how to register the new account on Jeevansathi.com for free. That’s for the sign-up process. Now how to sign in or log in to the jeevansathi site.

For this, I have made step guides that you can look up to if you find any difficulties while signing in to your account on jeevansathi.com.

1. Go to your favorite browser and type www.jeevansathi.com. or you can directly click on to this link https://www.jeevansathi.com/. This will direct you to the Jeevansathi login site.

Homepage of Jeevansathi.com. with highlighted Login button.

2. When you click on the Login button the login dialog box appears on your screen.

Login dashboard of Jeevansathi.com with username and password details.

3. Fill up the email id and password that you used while registering the new account on jeevansathi.com.

4. Now click on the Login button. You’re done.

Once you have successfully logged in to your account you can see your dashboard and your profile.

Jeevansathi Forgot Password

The passwords are very crucial yet confusing. Many times you are unable to login to your own account because you don’t remember the exact password. In that case, how are you going to recover your password? Don’t worry! here I am going to list out the few steps that will help to recover your forgotten password. Well not exactly you will get your old password but you can reset your new password. For this, you have to follow some simple steps.

Go to the login site of jeevansathi.com or directly clock on to this link https://www.jeevansathi.com/ and there you see the Login button on the top right corner of your screen.

When you click on the login button a new dialog box appears on your screen that asks you to insert your username and password. Once you enter your username and password and it’s doesn’t match it will show the following message.

Login dashboard with an invalid email ID or password and highlighted Forgot Password button.

Now what you have to do is click on the Forgot Password options and the next dialog box pops out that asks you to enter your email or phone number that you used while registering your new account.

A dialog box that asks for a registered email or phone number that has been previously used to register the a new account to send OTP.

Here I choose Phone options but you can do this with your email as well. Just type the registered email or phone number that you used previously and then click on GET OTP. Then you will get an email or a text message on your phone with 4 digit code.

Verification process of phone number to get OTP for resetting a forgotten password.

The next step is to insert the code you received on your phone or mail and click on the Submit button.

After you do this you will see Reset your password screen that asks you to enter New password for the account.

Enter your New Password twice to confirm and then click on the Save New Password button. Now you see the success message appear on your screen.

Password reset successfully message of Jeevansathi.com.

Okay, all done you have reset your password successfully. Now you can go to the login dashboard and type your username and your recently changed password and get access to your account.

I hope you find this article helpful. Do visit our site again in order to learn some interesting tips on dating. Good day 🙂


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