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You are happy with your partner. Do you love each other and planning to tie a knot? Or your friends are getting married and you feel like it’s time to settle down? Are you just giving in to peer pressure or family pressure? Or, do you really think your future is with your current partner? After all, marriage is not just planning a wedding. There is no fixed time or age to get married. It’s your call when you want to get married.

Take your time to make sure that marriage is right for you. This could save you from a lot of emotional pain in the future. And, before committing to a marriage, ask yourself why you are taking this step.

If you are really confused about whether you’re ready for marriage or not, you should check out the signs and see. Check out these signs to know if you’re ready to get married.

1. Know why you want to get married

You and your partner have been in a long term, healthy relationship and you know each other so well that you are planning to get married. Then it is most probably a good decision for you two to get married. The study showed that couples who dated for more than two years scored consistently high on marital satisfaction. Unlike, if you are only infatuated by wedding pictures and posts and wander to see yourself in the attire of a bride or groom. Then it is better not to get married yet.

2. Lived your own life

You can see some high school teenagers get married and even make it work. Yet, it’s not common. Studies show that it is best to get married after 25 or older. It is because you will be more matured and will have lived your own life. You will have a chance to meet different people. So you will be able to know what you want and what you don’t want in your life.

3. Your relationship is deep and stable

Your relationship needs to be deep rather than just having fun together. You enjoy each other’s company. You go out a lot, have fun, go for the night outs, and are carefree. Along with the fun, you need to be able to tackle tough issues together.

Your relationship must be emotionally stable as well. If you are both reliable, dependable, and consistent in your love, you have the stability to maintain a healthy relationship during marriage. You should be concerned about each other.

4. Not just a lust

If there is infatuation between you and your partner but not love, it is not a good idea to get married. After all, it is well known to all that lust is not love. You are waiting to get married and have sex only because of ethical or religious reasons, then better not rush. Marriage only because of sexual attraction can bring negative issues to your relationship and marriage life. Make sure you love each other.

5. Don’t want to change your partner

Marriage is a major commitment in your life. Marry the one you love but not only to resolve your relationship issues. The decision to marry is not the best solution to your issues. Marry with your significant other only if you love them as they are and what they are.

6. Imagine your future with your partner

Marry if you can decide your future with your significant other and you find your future is better with that partner. You are so in love with your partner and can’t see yourself or them with others, then enjoy your loving relationship. You are all set to take off your relationship to marriage.

7. Financially stable

Being financially stable doesn’t mean you need to be rich. It only states that if you have a financial need. You must be able to take financial responsibility that stacks up on to you after marriage. Although, don’t marry someone rich or financially stable only because it will relieve your financial stress.

8. Hold the same values and beliefs

Sharing the same values means that you are in total agreement about what behaviors are acceptable and what are not. If you and your partner have similar values and beliefs then it’s a good sign that you are ready to get married. It’s not important that you share the same religion, hobbies or interests. Perhaps it’s important to share the core ethics, morals and perspectives as like-minded views on issues aids and hold the couple together.

9. Can disagree with your partner without the fear

It’s likely that you and your partner may differ or completely oppose each other in some matters. It’s obvious that you may argue or disagree with your partner. Do you know the conflict in a relationship can actually bring a couple closer together? It can help a couple to understand each other to a deeper level.

If you’re afraid to disagree with your partner because you have a fear of losing him/ her. This means you lack confidence in expressing yourself to your partner which may cause the foundation of your relationship to be weak.

10. Resolve conflicts together

You will have conflicts in a relationship. The foundation will grow stronger if you both sit down and solve the issues together. Thinking that the issue will be resolved and trying to slip out of it is not the option. This may even worsen the situation and the relationship as well.

11. You are lonely?

You don’t like being alone and want to get paired with someone. So you want to get married? It’s advice to you not to get married if you have such a feeling. Marriage is not a trick to keep yourself from loneliness. Rather try building a great relationship than to get married.

12. Are you pressurized?

Your friends are getting married and your family or relatives may start to pressure you to get married. It is because they want to see you being coupled up. The friends and family may pressurize you to marry at the thought of you being alone. But marriage about finding yourself the happiness in a healthy relationship. So don’t get influenced by others’ thinking and decision. The decision to get married is only yours, not others.

If you agree to these signs then you are most probably ready for the marriage. However, marriage is a both-side commitment to which a couple must agree. So if you and your partner have the all positive signs, you are ready to set off together to marriage. Also, visit our site to know more about life after marriage including sex and relationship advice.


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