Marriage is a union of two people in a relationship for a lifetime to stick on thick and thin phases of life. Everyone seeks a person who is attractive, loving, caring, and understanding. When you find someone who meets your criteria of a perfect partner, you then decide to be on a relationship. And if it works out, you’ll soon find yourself wanting to marry that person.

At first, everything will appear good. But as time passes by the charm starts to fade away. You will often find it difficult to live together with the person you once were madly in love with. Things will fall apart, you two will start arguing. When things go wrong blaming each other becomes your second nature. Your desire to live together as a couple will seem impossible. And soon you’ll start questioning yourself.

  • Has my priority changed?
  • Is this the end?
  • Should I give up and move on with life?

You are right to question yourself. As time passes by people change and it is only natural. When you learn more than enough about a person, you then start disliking them. It is human nature and everyone feels the same way. But that does not justify your unusual behavior towards your loved one.

Instead of blaming each other every time when things go wrong, it is best to sit down and discuss things. Try analyzing your situation better and figure out how things got bad to worse. If you can do that then chances are you’ll soon realize your mistakes and not repeat them which is crucial for a healthy relationship.

Another thing to consider is to have a good sex life with your partner. Sex is very intriguing for couples. It’s the symbol of trust and a new level in a relationship. Sex breaks the ice between couples and makes them open and trustable on any conditions and phases of life. In most countries, marriage is the license to have sex and private life. People link marriage with sex and intimacy. In other words, sex is very important for a healthy and interesting relationship.

Misunderstandings in a relationship.

It’s very hard to keep the spark alive in marriage nowadays. Marriage takes away the thrill and fun in a relationship. Before marriage, you have to make time for outing and sex. But now you don’t have to because you start living together and sex is no more appealing to you. Likewise, your romantic date becomes a burden to you one that you cannot skip.

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So what should you do at this point in life?

What you really need is some space and change. You guys really need to change your routine and start doing things in a new manner. A repeated pattern is a murderer of fun, thrill, excitement, and the lively spark in your relationship.

Here are a few working tips to consider if you do not want to end up hating each other:

1. Be kind

Do you really care about your partner?

Let’s start with respect and understanding.

Well, the brutal fact is we tend to take advantage of people we love most. That’s because we know they love us and we can get away with rude behaviors and habits. Most people are known to take their frustration out on their partner. You can have a bad day in the office or your kids can be a real pain in the ass. But that doesn’t mean you shall take out your frustration and negativity on your partner.

The better option is to start your day minding to please your significant ones. If you tend to keep your partners happy by doing little things like helping in the kitchen, relaxing massages and warm hugs and kisses. You shall probably have a healthy and longlasting relationship. Such habits keep the spark and respect alive in the relationship.

Take the initiative to keep your partner happy every day.

2. Value and practice silence

Do you fight?

You guys are together for life so it’s natural to have arguments and fights.

Practice silence and avoid further arguments and being bitter.

It’s ok to have arguments and issues in the relationship. It’s ok to fight sometimes. The way you fight will decide how far your relationship really goes and I literally mean it.

What does that mean?

What it really means is how you fight. Couples are really mean when they fight they take out all the negativity in a fight which is brutal and toxic for a relationship. When you take out all the negativity couples hold on grudges and seek revenge. They shall avoid such behavior and try to express all the problems rather than holding on to it. They shall consider understanding each other and focus on solving the problems. It’s ok to fight in a relationship as issues and misunderstanding generally occur in a relationship.

Not replying brutally on arguments can also help in keeping your relation safe from further discussion and pain.

3. Make out more often

Kiss in water.
Making out spontaneously.

Kissing is the foundation of romantic relationships as it keeps you connected and keeps the spark alive. It expresses desire, passion, and often leads to more intimacy and love. Couples shall kiss every day in order to feel emotionally connected. A kiss from your partner shows the passion and love he feels for you.

4. Be spontaneous

Married couples must make plans and time for sex. But it’s important not to plan it all the time. Sex is best when it’s spontaneous. An intense desire for one another is displayed and you find your partner more appealing and beautiful when it’s spontaneous. Everybody likes surprises and genuine sex which is built by intimate circumstances.

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5. Don’t stress too much on sex

Be playful and don’t involve in intimate activities with your partner as sex is always the end goal. Prefer foreplay, kissing, hugging, and other intimate activities before sex and it’s not a must to have sex every day. Sex needs rest for optimum satisfaction. Men should not cum or ejaculate every day as it drains their energy and thus might not be able to satisfy their partners.

6. Consult a therapist

Seek professional help if you are struggling in your relationship. Or if you feel there are consistent arguments and misunderstandings between you guys. Or if there is a condition of potency. Such circumstances need professional help and you won’t be able to solve it on your own.

It’s important to value your partner and equally divide your responsibilities. As one should not carry all the burdens of responsibility in a relationship.

I hope you guys like my blog and I will appreciate your feedback and comments for this blog. You can suggest topics for my next blog as I value your opinions.


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