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Dating apps like Tinder have enormously been able to replace matrimonial marriage sites these days. Online dating and match making has been one of the easiest way to come across people with similar taste and interests. You don’t need to go tell around your friends to seek for the date of your type, now you can easily login to tinder, create a profile and go make few swipes on Tinder and see how many people matches your profile in matter of time. Well its not as easy as it goes, there are some rules and regulations on every dating sites or apps you come across after logging in too. Play by the rule and you will certainly be able to win hearts of many.

Now, coming to the point, here in this article you will go through core details on creating Tinder account, ways of tinder login / sign in, recovering tinder account if you forgot your tinder login credentials and even some tips on how to keep your dating profile safe and trusted with the users.

Tinder Login Sign In | Tinder Login from Facebook, Email or Phone Number

Tinder login page

You can login to tinder easily from your mobile or desktop. If you already have your tinder account registered, you can start accessing to tinder dating app easily in few clicks or taps. Here below is step by step, latest and working Tinder login sign In guides for the beginners and user who are having Tinder login problems or people who can’t access to tinder account:

  1. First of all open official Tinder website on your desktop or you can also open your Tinder app on mobile device. In case if you don’t have the application installed on your phone, you can easily download Tinder from appstore or playstore. If you are using desktop or laptop, go to www.tinder.com.
  2. Once you come across tinder homepage, on the top right corner, you will see Login button. Click the button to open Tinder login homepage.
  3. You have option to login to tinder from Facebook or from your mobile number. If you have created Tinder account from phone number, click on phone number button and if you have choose Facebook to login to tinder, click on ‘Login with Facebook button‘.
  4. (Go to Step 5 if you are using Tinder Login with Facebook.) Give your registered phone number and click ‘Continue‘. Don’t worry if you have changed your number. If in case your mobile number is changed, you can easily login to Tinder from Email address too. If you need to login Tinder from Email Address you can Click on ‘Login with Email‘ link provided just below the text box. Once you click the link Tinder will ask you to enter email address that you would like to Login from. Enter your email ID and click on ‘Send Email‘ button. You will receive email from Tinder and follow the steps accordingly.
  5. If you want to login to Tinder from Facebook, click on ‘Login with Facebook‘ button. Simply provide your Facebook email address or phone number and password accordingly and get access to millions of users on Tinder easily.
Tinder login with facebook or phone number.

There are many cases and complains user have made with Facebook permission while logging in. If you are facing similar Facebook permission issues please follow the following steps:

  1. Go to your phone setting.
  2. Go to Application > Manage Application
  3. Search Tinder app try clearing cache & data
  4. Now restart your mobile device and try logging in Tinder from Facebook.

If the above method doesn’t work, try uninstalling the tinder app and turning off permission for Tinder on Facebook. Logout from facebook.com and again login to Facebook. Now go to the appstore or playstore and download tinder again. This will definitely help you fix Facebook login problem on Tinder.

Fixing Tinder Login Errors and Issues:

If you are facing tinder login issues, make sure you are into the real tinder official website. Sometimes due to unofficial links, you might land to wrong Tinder website. If you are facing login issue you can also re install tinder app on your mobile device and try tinder log in again. Also in case of your password, make sure you enter the right tinder login credentials as you have signed up. If the email address or phone number doesn’t match you might face issue with the tinder login. Scroll down to learn to reset or recover your forgotten Tinder login password.

Lastly, also check your internet connection. In many cases you might face tinder login problem due to internet connection issue. To fix this internet issue, you can try restarting your internet on/off and see if the internet is working properly or not. If you are from mobile device, try switching the mobile data or WiFi.

You can also go through the appstore or playstore if there is some updated version of Tinder on the market. If so, you can update your Tinder application in order to fix Tinder login issues.

General Tinder Login Errors: Server Error, There are issues connecting to the server, Facebook Login Failed, Tinder Login Failed, You have already authorized Tinder.

If more Tinder issues visit: https://www.help.tinder.com

Tinder Account Sign Up: How To Create Tinder Account

To get started, if you are new to Tinder, you must have your account created first. Without having your profile sign up on tinder, swipe and match won’t work. Here below is step by step guide on how to create your Tinder account easily in few minutes. You can sign up on Tinder using both PC (laptop/desktop) or on your mobile device. See how Tinder sign up and account registration works:

  1. If you are from desktop, Open your web browser and go to Tinder.com. Make sure the domain name you entered is correct in order to avoid trouble as we discussed above.
  2. On the middle of the Tinder homepage you will see ‘Sign Up‘ button. Click on the button and proceed with Tinder account registration process easily.

By Clicking Sign Up, you literally agree with all the terms and condition and privacy policies of Tinder.

Important Notice on Tinder Login / Sign Up

Forgot Tinder Login? Recover Tinder Account in 2 Minutes

Being a human being, there is no issue on forgetting things. Sometimes there are times when you even forget to do your basic things like eating, doing homework or may be some silly stuffs around. Here you will learn how to recover Tinder account using email or phone number. In case if you have forgotten Tinder account details, you can easily reset it with a brand new password with step by step Tinder account recovery guide given below:

  1. First of all you will need to open Tinder on your desktop or mobile device. Read above article carefully if you don’t have Tinder installed on your phone.
  2. Once you open your Tinder account, you will see Login button on the top right. Click on the button and then you will come across ‘Trouble Logging in‘ link. Click on the link will open a page where you can enter your email ID.
  3. Enter your email ID as required and you will get instant Tinder login link on your email.
  4. Now, open your email ID and check for the email Tinder has sent. Make sure you check out the spam folder on your email too. Sometimes the auto links are shown on spam folders automatically.
  5. Click on the link received and boom you are done with tinder log in.

Finishing the article, you can always start getting better with online dating if you play real game. Creating your Tinder account and simply logging in wont give you a plate of food when you are hungry. You need to be active with your tinder account and stay real interactive with text messages and built match making skills to perform better with Tinder matches. Finding someone interesting online is sometimes easy but sometimes it may entertain threaten too. Make sure you share all your personal information and pictures carefully while logging in to tinder and chatting with your Tinder matches.

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Hope the article above has given you a proper guideline on how to login to tinder easily in few minutes from your mobile device and desktop too. If you have more issues on logging in your tinder account, you can let us know through our Facebook page or just simply comment below. We will go through your tinder login queries and soon get back with fully working and updated Tinder tutorials.


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