One of the 12 zodiac
One of the 12 zodiac. These people are generally shy and quiet in nature.

A Cancer woman seeks a lot of your attention since she is one of the most emotive signs in the zodiac. Cancer women are generally known for their amazing intuition. If you are looking for someone who is caring and loving, Cancer women are best suited for you.

Cancer lady is symbolized as motherhood since they are governed by the moon. Therefore, the Cancer lady is attentive to the people she loves. She will treat you like a mother if you involve yourself with her. She will treat you with the best meal and take care of every need you have.

If you are thinking of dating cancer women, you must prepare yourself with a lot of patience. They are moody, so forcing your way does not work with cancer women. Once they understand you, they will compensate you with compassion and care. The cancer lady is usually very sensitive. Therefore, you should be careful not to hurt or upset her.

She is going to analyze every word you say. So avoid misinterpretation when having a conversation with her. Although you say it with good intention, she may interpret it in the wrong way. To avoid such problems, think before speaking.

But don’t worry, we have brought some tips for you to attract cancer women. Cancer women are the shy and quiet type, so you will need some patience to attract them. Here we bring you 4 major tips to attract cancer women.

Also, know how to impress any guy or girl.

Make the first move

Cancer women are generally shy and quiet type. She has a unique way of expressing her feelings and emotions. Make the first move and introduce yourself to the cancer lady. Avoid being aggressive and invading her privacy. Notice what she is doing and introduce yourself carefully.

For example – If she’s doing nothing just greet her with a simple “Hi”. If she responds to your greetings ask her how her day is going.

Man kneeling before woman
The man kneeling on the ground for a woman.

Prioritize her

Cancer woman prioritizes the safety and security of herself. She doesn’t want to be left out, therefore, its best to let her know her standings in your life and how much she means to you. She may avoid or completely cut you off from her mind if you continually leave her out of the loop. You may consider this as her defensive technique. She will use this mechanism because of the fear of being rejected in the future.
For example – if you keep on telling how much she means to you but make very little effort, she will cut you off from her life.

Woman and man joining hands
Man and woman holding hands.

Let her set her own pace

If she avoids your questions or remarks try not to be aggressive. Remember that she will open herself to you in her own time. Just leave the topic out and ask her again after she opens up to you in the future. The cancer lady is naturally shy and protective of her family and close friends.

Invite her close friends and families occasionally

If you want to attract a cancer lady, you must impress her friends and family. Organize a picnic or a dinner that will create an opportunity for you to get to know her friends and family. Let her know how much you respect her family and friends.

For example – On a picnic with her friends and families, bond with them because they are important to her.

Respect her decisions when she prioritizes her family and friends

Respect her decisions if she changes the plan when her friends and families are involved. Tell her that you understand how important they are to her. Show concerns for her people, friends, families, and even the pet. Occasionally, ask her about her friends and family well beings.

For example – When she cancels plans with you to take her pet to the doctor, say that movie can happen anytime. Ask if you can do anything for her pet.

Introduce your family and friends to her

Show her that you want to bring her to your life. Introduce her to your family and friends. Organize a program where she can shine.

For example – If she is good at singing, invite her along with your friends and families to karaoke.

Cook for her

Instead of going to flashy clubs and parties, invite her to your home and cook her favorite dish. You can make her your best dish and honor her feedbacks. The cancer lady prefers a quiet night where she can be cozy and comfortable. Try to invite her family and friends which will show her how much you value those who are important to her.

For example – Cook her favorite dish and show how much you respect her taste. Don’t forget to do the dishes.

Man cooking his best dish.
A man is cooking in a kitchen.

Fix around the house

You will gain an additional advantage if you mend her house by making it function better. Repair her laptop, refrigerator noise issues, etc. without her having to ask. Taking good care of her home will make her realize how much her home is important to you. If you are unable to do the technical task, you can help her to unload or clean the dish.

Take good care of her pet

The cancer lady likes to take good care of her pet. In fact, she will treat a pet like her own family. By showing her how much you value her pet will give you additional advantages to enrich your bond. If she is not an animal lover, offer to housesit for her or fetch up her mails and cargos if she’s not at home.

For example – Invite her to walk with her pet. Plan a date that includes her pet.

The Cancer woman is naturally a caring and devoted life partner. She will make your home, her home too. She will make your home like a palace for you. The Cancer lady will make sure that her family has the best of everything. She will want to make your family access to a healthy lifestyle and healthy food. She will be devoted, caring, supportive and strong as a life partner. Also, she will be passionate and full of surprises in bed. If you want to have yourself a devoted and caring life partner, Cancer women are best suited for you.

Woman making heart sign with her hands.
A woman is making a heart sign in the sun with her hands.


The most compatible signs with Cancer are Tauras, Virgo, Pisces, and Scorpio. The least compatible are Libra and Aries. So If you are least compatible with Cancer women, then you need to have a lot of patience. Remember that if you find a connection then just go for it because love defies all logic.


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