Dating a Capricorn Women
Whats it like to date a Capricorn Women

Capricorn is the 10th astrological sign in the zodiac out of 12 astrological signs. People born under the time duration of 22 December to 20 January are Capricorn. This is an interesting zodiac as the year ends and starts with the Capricorn signs.

Capricorn is considered an earth sign and ruled by the planet Saturn. The symbol of this zodiac is Sea-goat which has the half lower body of a fish and upper body of a goat with long horns.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn which is the god of wisdom and virtue. Generally, Capricorn tends to be wise beyond their age. They are very practical, persistent, realistic, sensitive, disciplined, and fun.
Let’s start by saying Capricorn women are a total powerhouse. They are a combination of old-soul wisdom and resourcefulness.

The most compatible zodiac with Capricorn women are men with the zodiac sign of Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces.
So if you want something stable, caring, independent, and classy your best option is Capricorn.

Do you know, to get something classy you must try classy, not trashy? Can you handle the selective, bold, and wise character of a Capricorn woman? Do you have what it really takes to win the heart of a Capricorn woman?

Capricorn is the master of delusion due to which you will never know how they are feeling and what are they actually thinking.

To win their heart you must come through their hard exterior first which is only possible by being genuine, consistent and funny.

Capricorn men and women aren’t blind to the negative aspects of life and the world due to which they have a very tough and practical approach to life.

You are thinking to date the kind of person who plans ahead and has many backups in life if anything goes wrong in life. These women don’t just have plan “B” rather they have a plan “C, D, E, and even F”.

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To date such masterminds you need some tips. Here they are:

1. Her Wants and Expectations

Capricorn women are looking for someone who is reliable and serious for them. Don’t expect her to have a casual relationship with you. They like it when relations are slowly growing and genuine. They don’t like being forced. She’s not ready for life long relationship if she only knows you for a very small period of time.

Consider investing time on her. Let her know if you want your life partners to be there for life long. She will appreciate that.

Take a deep note of how she talks. If she talks about her future with you then you can take the relationship to another level. But if she talks about her and her career you must take things slowly and take your time to win her heart.

2. Dating Her

As I said Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which means they are materialistic. Don’t think about this materialistic part in a negative way. Like every human nature, they too want the finest things in life. A nice life partner is a significant part of Capricorn’s life. Don’t expect her to compromise in this part of her life.

Dating a capricorn girl.
Dating a capricorn girl.

She doesn’t want a wealthy guy. What she wants is someone who values her presence and understands her essence.
Capricorns have high standards and if you aren’t able to keep up to her, you are likely to be dumped. If you plan to give your best and gift her presents, whether expensive or cheap and be a true gentleman, she will fall for you.

She is someone sought-out to be a wife and a mother and to run a home in the best way. So, level up and provide her fine things if you want a fine and proper life in the future.

3. Knowing What to Avoid

The first thing to avoid while dating a Capricorn woman is to avoid being cheap. You are going on a date and meeting your future partner, so avoid being cheap. If you avoid the fancy places and dinner with her, she could find you boring and uninteresting.

Take her to fun places and have fun because you want to show her she is special and you really value her. Don’t act smarter, or show off to her. This is not an interview for any stupid vacancy and you are not trying to sell anything.

You are meeting her to show yourself as an honest, genuine and fun person. Don’t try to show yourself as superior and don’t be competitive with her. This behavior can show you as cocky and delusional. You might end up getting ghosted by her.
The best person to be with a Capricon is an easy-going fun person.

4. Be a Boon

The first thing is, to be honest, and to try to learn her behaviors, hobbies, and goals. Agree on all the common things you have in between and don’t forget to share your long term goals with this ambitious person. Don’t just share, try to listen and understand her goals and visions for life.

Be a person who listens to her problem and the one with whom she can share her problems. If an opportunity shows, don’t shy away from helping her.

5. Respect Her Work

Mind the fact that your girl is a workaholic and she loves her work life. The sense of responsibility and duty keeps her balanced. So don’t forget to respect her work life and space. Don’t come between her work life and bless her with understanding.

You can praise her work ethics and dedication to make her feel better. Suprise visits and outing keeps her happy. Gifting her presents that she can use in the workspace is very impressive. Try to ease her work life and duties to gain some interest.

6. Be Patient

Your lady goat is very slow when it comes to love. She values a longterm relationship build with effort and dedication. Show the merits of patience to be with her in the good and bad times. Give her time to believe in you and grow some feelings for you.

Don’t you dare rush her because she believes in knowing a person entirely before falling in love. Show her the patience and dedication you got for her until she opens her heart for you.

7. Win Her Family Sentiments

As an earth sign, a Capricon woman is very down to earth. She is deeply connected to her roots which is her family. Be very nice and respectful to her family. You should have a friendly relation with her family where you are invited on special occasions to celebrate with them.

8. Talks About Your Professional Merits

Don’t over or under-do anything with a Capricorn. You must know the balance between sharing and showing off. Capricorn woman loves self-made people. So, share your struggles, success, and achievements with them. Avoid boasting and vulgar conversations.

The goat women like confident men who don’t have to boast their achievements and have a humble approach in life.
Capricorn women are classy and high maintenance so don’t embarrass them about their choices and taste. She’s worth the dedication and is a true soul. She is a no-bullshit person so avoid her if you are not serious but go 100% if are really dedicated and into her. She will multiply what you give her. So mind what you give and invest in her.

I hope you like my blog and I will appreciate your precious comments and feedback. Have fun and wish you good luck.


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