A couple fighting
A couple is fighting because the woman thinks the man is cheating on her.

A cheating partner is a deal-breaker in relationships. Your partner will try to hide the fact that he/she is seeing someone else. But there are always subtle cues that will help you spot a cheating partner. If you have a gut feeling that your partner is having an affair, don’t ignore the feeling. Check for the signs below. If you find your situation like the cases mentioned below, confront your partner. You will be in a lot of pain if your partner is cheating on you. But you will be even more hurt if you find out about them after a long long time. It’s better to spot the early signs and know than to remain in the dark. Here are a few tips that will help you know if your partner is cheating on you.

More attention towards appearance

When trying to impress somebody new, people start dressing better. If your partner always wears a t-shirt and pants for work. But suddenly starts wearing a beautiful dress or a fancy suit for no reason at all, that’s a red flag. A new haircut after years, a new cologne, sexy new underwear can all be signs that your partner is trying to look good. If your partner looks the same when with you but dresses fancy when going out, chances are he/she is cheating on you.

A handsome man
A handsome man wearing a black turtleneck top and coat.

Exaggerated affection

In an attempt to hide their affair, your partner will start showing you unusual affection. If they are paying you a whole lot of attention after neglecting you for a long time, there’s something wrong. To release their guilt of seeing other people, your partner will shower you with love. The love and affection will be more than normal love and exaggerated.

Guarding phones

If your partner starts guarding their phone as if their life depends on it, he/she is hiding something from you. Changing passwords, taking the phone everywhere, not letting you use their phone. These are bad signs. Be cautious when they act secretive about who they are talking to. Or why they are laughing looking at their phones. If they leave their room whenever a call comes it might be a call from their lover. If they delete their texts as soon as it comes, they are texting their lovers.

A pass-code protected phone.
A mobile phone protected with 7 digit passcode.

Change in Schedule

Your partner always comes back from work at 6 PM. But now they return back later than usual at 8-9 PM. He/she might be spending that extra time with someone else. This is especially true if your partner never worked late before but is now working late a lot. Your partner starts traveling for work on weekends all the time. When you want to join they insist that you can’t join him/her. This might be a weekend getaway with an affair partner. Canceling plans with you for “work” related activities. Giving dumb excuses for being late. These are all warning signs for you. Blaming a flat tire or a heavy rainfall for not coming home at night are excuses to spend the night having an affair.

Change in your sex life

When your partner starts sleeping with someone, there is a change in your sex life. You may have less sex because your partner is fulfilling all their needs with someone else. Or you may have more sex because your partner is trying to cover up his/her infidelity. You will also feel a lack of intimacy and emotional connection during sex. You always had the same sex routine, but all of a sudden he/she introduces new moves. He/she might be learning that from sleeping with someone else.

Unexplained expenses

Spending more money than usual, and not telling you where all the money went can be a sign of infidelity. They start hiding their credit card bills and bank statements. You may find bills of clothes you never bought, hotel rooms you have never been to, or restaurants you never eat at. Your partner most certainly is doing all these things with their new partner. The dates of these bills will probably match with the times your partner said he/she was busy with office work. The cost of cheating is very high. This will start showing in large cash withdrawals and unexplained bills.

Friends start acting differently

Your partner’s friends will find out about his/her affair before you do. They may be even helping to keep the affair secret from you. Or they may want to tell you but can’t for the sake of friendship. In such a case, they start acting weird in front of you. If his/her friends seem anxious, nervous, or eager to leave, they probably know something you don’t. They may try to avoid conversations about your relationship. They may start acting super nice to you to compensate for knowing what they do.

Hostility towards you

Your partner will try to justify their cheating by finding faults in you. From their perspective, you are the one to blame. Your partner will start finding faults in you. You don’t look the way you did when you first got together. You have gained weight. You are not very adventurous in bed anymore. You don’t have much time for them anymore. They don’t realize that you have grown and are in a different phase in life than when you met. These judgments will start showing in his/her behavior. They will no longer like anything. They are always complaining. They hate the things you do which they like before. If your partner begins to be more and more hostile towards you, chances are they are having an affair.

A man and women arguing.
A man and woman in brown leather jackets are arguing with each other.

They show no interest in talking to you

Do you always share every little or big thing happening to you? Do you always share how your day went in the evening? Do you always know the whereabouts of your partner? But all of a sudden they show no interest in your life and don’t share about theirs. Now when you ask him/her how their day went, they just give small remarks like “it was okay”, “average”, “like always”. If so, there’s something wrong. When your partner is seeing someone new, that new person will be a matter of their interest, not you.

If you find any of these above-mentioned changes in your partner then your partner might be cheating with you. Make sure you notice all his/her actions properly and they will give out the clue needed. Once you feel like your partner is cheating, it’s up to you to decide whether to give up on him/her. Or confront your partner. And if you decide to confront your partner here’s how to confront your partner about cheating. You can also visit our site datingtipstricks.com for more info about sex and relationship advice.


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