, much like Chennai Matrimony is one of the fastest-growing matrimonial sites in India. The matrimonial platform is free to join and offers a wide range of features including partner selection feature.

If you are looking for a life partner online then joining will help to significantly improve your chances of meeting your partner online.

In simple words, join and get married to the bride or groom of your choice.

Why join

  • Vivaah is amongst the top marriage services portal.
  • It provides a database of thousands of Indian or Desi bride and groom marriage profiles with photographs.
  • It is known for the 100% Free matchmaking service.
  • It’s 100% safe to use along with the privacy features.
  • Vivaah is among the best free Indian matrimony sites.
  • It provides Multiple Matrimonial Search Options.
  • It allows Contact Unlimited Members, create Photo Album, view contact and send messages free. Sign Up; Registering on

1. Go to your favorite web browser like Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc.

2. On the search tab, type or just click on the link and then enter.

3. You will be redirected to the official webpage of which looks like below. homepage
The homepage of

4. From there, click on the register button at the top right corner of the screen.

5. You will be redirected to another page that looks like below.

Register page of
The page to fill out information for registration.
  • Fill information on the page. The headings with the sign “*” need to be filled compulsorily, while those without are optional. This same rule applies to fill any other section within the entire website.
  • First, you need to write your email address and password on the Account information section.
  • Then you need to fill your basic information. Fill the information of the man or woman whose profile is being made.
  • First, write the Full Name of the prospective bride or groom. Then select their gender as male or female. Fill in the Date of Birth in the order Day, Month, Year. Select the country of residence and religion in the basic information section.
  • The contact information section appears after the basic information section. Here, select the mobile country code and type down the mobile phone number.
  • You will need to agree to the terms and conditions of the website by clicking on the small box beside the heading ‘Terms and Conditions’. Read the Terms and Conditions by clicking on the blue letters on ‘I have read & agree to the Terms and Conditions’.
  • After filling out all the necessary information and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, click on the orange button ‘Register Now!!’

Create Your Profile

After registering, your account will be created. You will be redirected to the ‘Create Profile’ page. You need to complete your profile to search for potential partners. The page looks something like the picture below:

Profile update page
The ‘Create Profile’ page to complete your profile.

1. First, you need to fill the basic details and lifestyle of the person whose profile is being created. profile update Basic Details and Lifestyle profile update ‘Basic Details and Lifestyle’ section.
  • A profile ID will be given to the future bride or groom.
  • Select your relationship to profile to indicate whether the profile is being created by the bride/groom themselves, their parent/guardians, sibling, relative, friend, or someone else.
  • Select the marital status from a range of options: never married, awaiting divorce, divorced, widowed, annulled.
  • Indicate whether you have any child, if yes whether they live with you or not.
  • Next, select the height, body type, and complexion of the person.
  • Another important category is Cultural/Family values. Selecting from Traditional, Moderate, or Liberal will help you find a partner will similar values.
  • You also need to indicate whether you smoke, drink. Select from options: Yes, No, Occasionally.
  • The next heading is diet to indicate if you are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, eggetarian, Jain, vegan, or occasionally non-veg.
  • Mention any special case you have in the next heading. If you have none, select ‘None’.
  • For the blood group, you can choose to mention it or not, while the above headings were compulsory.

2. After filling in your basic details and lifestyle, you will see a section titled ‘Location’. Here, write the country of residence, state, city, and residency status of the prospective bride/groom. profile update Location profile update ‘Location’ section.

3. Social Background and Astrology Details section follows. profile update 'Social Background and Astrology Details' profile update ‘Social Background and Astrology Details’ section.
  • The first heading here is the religion followed by your Community/Mother Tongue, and then Caste. You need to mention these compulsorily.
  • Next comes the Date of Birth, which you have already mentioned in the previous sections.
  • Write the time of birth if you know it, otherwise, you can leave it empty.
  • Select your country and city/town of Birth.
  • Next comes the question “Are you Manglik?”. Select Yes, No, or Do Not Know. Filling yes or no is preferred as it is important for Kundli matching.

4. Now you need to fill Education and Career Details of the prospective bride or groom. profile update 'Education and Career Details' profile update ‘Education and Career Details’ section.
  • Select the Education Level and Field of Education.
  • Write your education description in a maximum of 300 words. You can choose to not fill this box.
  • Write your occupation from a range of options.
  • You may or may not choose to describe the occupation, in a maximum of 300 words, in the next heading.
  • Mentioning the annual income is a must.

5. The last section on updating your profile is ‘More about Yourself and Ideal Partner’. In a maximum of 3000 characters, write about yourself and your family. Then, in a maximum of 1500 characters, write about your ideal partner. profile update the 'More about Yourself and Ideal Partner' profile update ‘More about Yourself and Ideal Partner’ section.

6. After you have filled out all the sections in the ‘Create Profile’ page, hit the orange colored ‘Update Profile’ button. A page like the one below will appear.

Page after profile is updated successfully.
The page that appears after you create your profile in

Adding Photograph To Your Profile gives you the option to add your photograph to your profile. You can skip adding a photo but it is recommended to add it. With a photograph on your profile, you can get up to 6 times more response, says the website itself.

To add a photo, click on ‘Add a Photograph to your profile’. You will be redirected to a page like the one below:

Add photo to your profile in
The page from where you can add photographs to your profile in

Note: Make sure the photograph you want to add complies the following:

  • It is in .jpg/ .jpeg/ .png format.
  • It has a maximum size of up to 10 MB, though the size of 100-500 KB is recommended.

Click on choose file then a window will appear. From there you can browse to the location on your computer where the photo is located. After selecting your preferred photo click open and then hit the ‘Upload Photograph’ button. Edit Partner Preferences

The next thing you need to do is edit partner preferences. This will help you find your preferred partner and the best of the potential matches for you.

Steps to edit partner preferences:

You will be redirected to this page once you have successfully created your profile.

  • On the red bar at the top of the screen, click on the ‘My Profile’ option.
  • Then click on ‘Edit Partner Preferences’.
  • Then the following page will appear on your screen.
Edit Partner Preferences in
The web page of to edit partner preferences.

Note: Here, on this page, you will have to enter the details about the preferences that you want in your partner. Simply, enter the details of your preferred partner.

  • Select the age range of the partner you want.
  • Select the preferred height range.
  • You also need to select the preferred marital status of your partner.
  • Then select the country of residence. You can click on ‘doesn’t matter’ or you can select up to 10 countries.
  • Select the religion that you want your partner to follow.
  • In the next heading ‘Caste’, you can select up to 25 castes or just select ‘doesn’t matter’ if the caste of your partner does not matter to you.
  • For the section ‘Community’ and ‘Occupation’, you can select up to 10 options each.
  • Select the education level that you want your partner to have achieved.
  • Select the complexion of your partner you want.
  • Also, select his/her preferred body type.
  • Select Cultural Family values.
  • Then select whether you want your partner to smoke or not.
  • Similarly, select whether you want your partner to drink or not.
  • Select the kind of diet your partner eats, just as you selected yours.
  • Select whether you want your partner to be Manglik or not. If it doesn’t matter to you, click on ‘Doesn’t Matter’.

In the next section, you can set contact filters. The requests you get will be filtered out as per the preferences you mentioned in the above section. You need to select the filter options for this to happen. You can filter by any of the following options: Filter by ‘Age Preference’, ‘Height Preference’, ‘Marital Status Preferences’, ‘Country Preferences’, ‘Religion Preferences’, ‘Caste Preferences’, ‘Community Preferences’.

After selecting the filters, click on the orange-colored button, ‘Update Preferences’. Now, you are done with editing your preference regarding your partner.

My Vivaah Dashboard

To complete your profile, you need to complete all the activities on the dashboard. On the red bar at the top of the screen, click on ‘My Vivaah’, and then click on ‘My Vivaah Dashboard’.

My Vivaah Dashboard
My Vivaah Dashboard

In the above picture, you can see the profile is only 40% completed. To complete your profile, you need to complete all the activities shown with the ‘ ! ‘ sign.

To add details about your family in your profile. Click on the blue link ‘Add Family Details to your profile’ located at the left side within the yellowish box.

Update Family Details in
The web page of to update family details.

The above page will appear on your screen to fill up your family details. Follow the below steps to update your family details.

  • Mention your family type by selecting an option provided, in the first bar.
  • Select an option for your family affluence in the second bar. The options are provided so you need to select any one option from those options.
  • Select your father’s status or profession.
  • Then write about your father’s work in brief detail and native place in the second and third bar respectively in the ‘About Father’ section.
  • Do the same for the ‘About Mother’ section. Select your mother’s status or profession. Then write about your mother’s work in brief detail and native place in the second and third bar respectively.
  • Fill in the section ‘About Brothers’ if you have any. Select the numbers of your brothers who are married in the first bar. And/ or select the numbers of your brothers who are not married in the second bar. Skip this section if you don’t have brothers.
  • Fill in the section ‘About Sisters’ if you have any. Select the numbers of your brothers who are married in the first bar. And/ or select the numbers of your brothers who are not married in the second bar. Skip this section if you don’t have sisters.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the page.

You have come across one more step to complete your profile. The more fact and details you provide in your profile, the more potential matches you will receive.


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