A happy couple.
A happy couple is hugging each other.

Once in love women tend to give all they have towards their relationship. Still, not all women are happy in their relationship. Relationships take a lot of effort. There is no such magic wand that makes your life a fairy tale. Men and women approach relationships differently. Men approach with the mentality to establish a physical relationship. However, females continuously seek for emotional bonding and affection in a relationship. They want to feel secure when in a relationship. Although it is not much to ask for still most of them fail to get what they wish for. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up as well.

You can still do your best and change the course of your relationship with proper insight into how a relationship works. And a little help from love expert will do wonder. So here we have some sex and relationship advice specifically catered towards women. With the tips below you turn around your relationship and be happier.

Don’t be too co-dependent

Being in a relationship makes you dependent on each other. You share your hobbies, interests, meals, bed, and whatnot. But being too much dependent on your partner is a bad thing. In other words, have your own set of hobbies, interests, and friends. If you are happy as an individual then only you can find true happiness with your partner. If you leave your own hobbies and friends for him, you will resent him whenever he does anything without you. So don’t leave that yoga class you love for joining the gym with him.

Two women excersing
A woman is doing exercise with her friend.

Appreciate your partner

Maybe it’s the fault of the popular media culture but women, in general, don’t appreciate their men as much as men do. While your better half comes to dates with beautiful flowers, don’t arrive empty-handed. Buy him gifts or even better make something for him. Say thank you when he does something you love. Learn to say sorry when the mistake is yours. In bed too, tell him if you like something he does to you. Tell him how much you love him and make him feel appreciated.

Be open to try on new things

After being in a relationship for some time, your sexual life may not seem as exciting as it used to be. Going through the same routine day by day makes sex dull and boring. So try to keep things exciting in bed. Don’t hesitate to try on new things. Try things he suggests before saying no. Suggest some new locations, costumes, or positions. This advice doesn’t go only towards your sex life. Try new foods, places to visit, hobbies, and so on. Only by exploring you will know what you like and what he likes.

Be vocal

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Talk out your feelings, whether it is positive or negative. Speak your mind and tell him why you are mad at him. The silent treatment is childish and will get you nowhere. If you bottle up your feelings they are bound to explode someday. Being vocal is important for your sex life too. Your partner wants you to freely heavy breathe, groan, and moan during sex. Let him know what excites you so they can drive you towards orgasm.

Physical touch is important

Physical touch and intimacy is a big part of a relationship. Things as simple as placing your hand on his thigh when you are sitting beside him can give a warm feeling to him. Kiss him properly. Play with his ears. Explore his inner thighs, chest, and face, tingle his neck and get involved with his nipples.

Couple kissing
A young couple is kissing each other.

Explore the world of sexual fantasy

Let’s face it, we all have sexual fantasies. Some want to role play while some want to use toys. Men fear to share their sexual fantasies with you, in the fear of being judged. Share your sexual fantasies with him and learn about his. Let him know you won’t judge him but instead explore it with him (if you are comfortable with it). This will help both of you fulfill your sexual desires with each other. He won’t be searching for what he wants sexually in other people.

Be realistic and simplistic

Do not expect lavish gifts and grand blowouts from your partner. Your relationship should be about trust, love, honesty, and loyalty. It should not be about expensive gifts and fancy jewelry. Be realistic and be happy with spending time with each other. Have a home-cooked meal, take a walk on the park holding hands, watch a movie at home. Your prince charming won’t come riding a white horse and whisk you away. Be realistic with your sex life too. Real-life is not a porn movie.

A couple walking their dog.
A couple with arms crossed around each other is walking their dog.

Trust your partner and don’t lie

Don’t feel threatened every time your partner talks to someone of the opposite sex. Trust your partner and let him/her hang out with others. One lie can break the trust build in years. So don’t lie to your partner and don’t tolerate his lies. Keeping secrets is also a form of cheating. Trust is not something you build in a day. Build mutual trust and understanding by being open and honest with him.

Don’t compare ever

Every relationship is different from the rest. Every man is different from the others. Don’t ever make the mistake of comparing your relationship and your man with others. This is especially true on comparing your present boyfriend with your ex. Coz your ex didn’t like some habit of yours or your ex cheated on you doesn’t mean your present boyfriend will too. Find qualities in your partner that makes him unique from the rest. Because your best friend’s boyfriend kisses her every time they meet it doesn’t mean you have to do that too.

Accept your partner for who he is

Another common mistake women make in a relationship is trying to change her man. Instead, you should accept your partner’s faults and shortcomings. No one is perfect, yes even you. Do not set overly ideal standards for your partner to meet. These will only leave you frustrated. If you don’t like how your man is right now, you probably shouldn’t be with him. You can’t change him to the kind the person you want to be with.


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